Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next academic session of IIM Nagpur starting?
IIM Nagpur will start its next (second) academic session in the third week of June 2016.

What is the admission process for PGP?
Details of the admission process for PGP are given on the website at

Why is IIM Nagpur asking applied candidates to confirm their interest for admission to PGP?
It has been seen that many candidates tend to mark a large number of institutes in the CAT application, to minimize their risk in the initial stages of IIM admission process. Some of these institutes no longer remain serious choices as the admission process proceeds because of various reasons like the candidate’s actual CAT score, number of interview calls received, maturation of personal preferences, etc.

Given the relatively short time in which the admission process happens, the institute would not like to spend time on people who are no longer interested in IIM Nagpur for any reason.

If I confirm my interest in IIM Nagpur, does it affect my position in other IIMs?
No. The admission offers in each IIM are independent of others and therefore accepting or rejecting an offer from any other IIM will not affect your chances in IIM Nagpur, or vice versa.

I got an interview call from other IIM(s) but did not attend. Will I still be considered for admission at IIM Nagpur?
Yes, but only if you have confirmed your continued interest in response to the email sent to you. This email would be sent only to those who meet the shortlisting cut-offs given on the website.

What are the fees for PGP at IIM Nagpur?
The tuition fees for IIM Nagpur are going to be around Rs. 10 lakhs for two years. Exact amount and details of breakup will be given in the admission offer. Leading banks routinely offer educational loans at concessional terms as per Govt. of India guidelines for all IIMs including IIM Nagpur.

How long will IIMA mentor IIM Nagpur?
IIMA will mentor all activities at IIM Nagpur till it moves to its permanent campus (about three years later), or IIM Nagpur is able to handle these activities entirely on its own, whichever is earlier.

Who teaches at IIM Nagpur? Has it recruited good faculty members?
Recruiting full-time faculty is a fairly long process. During the mentorship period and while IIMN’s own faculty are recruited, faculty members from IIMA have been delivering courses at IIM Nagpur. This set may include a few visiting faculty selected by IIMA to meet their exacting standards. The overall design, quality and delivery of PGP will be to the standards and with direct involvement of IIMA. You should, therefore, expect to see some of the best faculty members in the country today.

IIM Nagpur is a new institute. How far will it be accepted by the industry? It has a direct bearing on my future career prospects.
History is important because it allows us to assess the rigour and quality of inputs received during the 2 years of stay in PGP. While IIM Nagpur is new, since its initial operations are being handled completely by IIMA, more than 53 years of IIMA’s history of excellence in management education becomes directly applicable to IIM Nagpur. In due course of time, IIM Nagpur will undoubtedly evolve its own distinct brand.

It should also be borne in mind that the first job can be greatly influenced by the brand name; subsequent career growth is strongly a function of the quality of training and learning received during the two years of PGP. IIM Nagpur starts off strong on both parameters.

What else is special about IIMA that may affect IIM Nagpur?
Apart from being the top management institute in the country for more than 50 years, IIMA is the only IIM that is truly an institute of management, rather than an institute of only business management. It has done a lot of work in several sectors other than business management as well, including agriculture, social, telecom, e-governance, infrastructure, entrepreneurship and health services. By default, people interested in application of management knowledge to any of these sectors will find IIM Nagpur’s PGP a good place to be.

How much do I have to pay while confirming my admission?
Details of exact amount and mode of payment will be sent with the offer of admission. The amount is not likely to exceed Rs. 50,000. This amount will be balanced against payment of tuition fees in the future. If the person does not actually join the institute, an amount recommended by GOI guidelines will be retained and the rest, refunded.

What kind of hostel facilities will I get in IIM Nagpur?
All students will get single-seater accommodation with spacious rooms and excellent furniture. The hostel is a few hundred metres away from the first year classroom.

What kind of IT facilities will I get in IIM Nagpur?
You will be in state-of-the-art, fully WiFi premises with seamless access to industry and knowledge databases, email and internet. You’ll be expected to have your own laptop and at least a basic smartphone.