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Guest Lecture by Dr Rohan M. Desai, an IIMA alumnus and founder of PlexusMD

 “The only thing to wait for is a very good idea, an idea you are passionate about.”

Dr. Rohan M. Desai, an IIMA alumnus and founder of PlexusMD, shared his invaluable experience of venturing into a startup that deals with building a professional network for doctors. Dr. Desai shared personal anecdotes of his journey in setting up a start-up and shared the five golden rules to be successful. Dr. Desai enlightened the students with the challenges of beginning a new business and shared indispensable tips about developing a strong belief in their ideas.

 “You need to generate a lot of ideas on a daily basis. Look around you, check what are the problems being faced, come up with alternatives- Brainstorm!” Dr Desai said on being asked about how to decide on which idea should the students focus on. 

Discarding some commonly held myths about entrepreneurship, Dr. Desai imbued a sense of positivity and motivation among the students. On being asked about the takeaways from the session, Sameer Bhajni, PGP class of 2016-18 student said, “It was an inspiring session. One thing that really stood out to me was when Dr. Desai mentioned about never thinking of opportunity cost while setting up a new business!” Ganga, another PGP class of 2016-18 student said, “Chasing something 10x and not incremental was a takeaway for me. I would be looking forward to more such sessions in the near future.”

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