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Women Start-up Programme 2018

                              IIM Nagpur ties-up with NSRCEL – IIM Bangalore for 

                                     ‘Women Start-up Programme 2018

IIM Nagpur will has partnered with the N S Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL) at IIM Bangalore for the Women Startup Programme for the year 2018-19.A puzzling aspect observed in our economy is that despite a high economic growth, declining fertility, and favorable demographic conditions, the two decades from 1990 to 2010 has seen a stagnant female labor force participation in urban areas and a declining female labor force participation in rural areas[1].There have been various demand side and supply side explanations for this puzzle. Three primary reasons have been posited for declining/stagnant female labor force participation – rising incomes of the household which has made women withdraw from labor force as the higher male incomes are considered sufficient for the household; women’s participation in education for a longer time; and the continuing stigma associated with women working outside home. These aspects are an area of concern, and apart from effects due to participation in higher education, the other two areas need to be addressedcontinuously by the institutions in our country.

Alongwith the intrinsic value of higher female labor force participation, the low female labor force participation has undesirable consequences. A recent study by OECD identifies female labor force participation along with education as the major factors that drive female entrepreneurship in India[1]. As female labor force participation has declined in recent times, female entrepreneurship has also decreased along with it. As of 2013, India had the lowest share of entrepreneurs in working population among the emerging BRICS economies. This share reduced from 9% among female population in India in 2006 to 6% in 2013. According to a NASSCOM report in November 2017, women entrepreneurs contributed to only 11% of Indian startups, and SAHA fund’s statistics indicate that only 3% of women entrepreneurs have received VC funding[2]. All these observations suggest that the right time to work towards creating and unleashing the potential of women entrepreneurship in India was ‘yesterday’. To unleash the potential of female entrepreneurship, the need for human capital has been widely recognized. It is in this context that this programmewhich aims to build on human capital required for female entrepreneurs is so much more relevant than ever.

As has been identified by IIM Bangalore, the boundaries of this programme have to widen and widen fast. Such a promising programme cannot operate within the city of Bangalore and technology has helped spread the wings of this programme to other parts of the nation. However, the final mile incubation centers also have to reach other cities and towns. While Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai have remained the principal startup hubs in India, 20% of the startups in India in the year 2017 emerged in tier II and III cities[1]. The aspiring women entrepreneurs in these tier II and III cities would also need active catalysts through programmes like these.

Nagpur is among the cities identified as high-potential ten cities in the recent Ernst& Young report that documents the transformation in India beyond the metros[2]. Itis also seen as a critical investment hub in the country[3]. Given this background, we see a huge potential for entrepreneurs, in particular, women entrepreneurs in Nagpur and we believe thesignificanceof a programme like this in Nagpurat this juncture cannot be overstated.

IIM Nagpurenvisagesitself getting involved in endeavors that are contemporary and socially relevant. Apart from engaging in traditional areas in the domain of B-schools, we aspire to venture into newer themes that the changing times demand. Partnering with NSRCEL-IIM Bangalore provides IIM Nagpur with a great opportunity to engagewith such a theme.Speaking at the launch of the ‘Women Startup Programme’, the Chairperson for this initiative, Prof. ThiaguRanganathan said that, ‘We feel very fortunate and arethrilled to partner in this programme and hope to collaborate in making the programme reach out its full potential’.

The ‘Women Startup Programme’ would consist of four steps:

Step One:Participants would be required to enrollfor ‘Do Your Own Venture’, a massive open online coursecustomized especially for women entrepreneurs addressing challenges faced by them. The course shall begin from 22nd January, 2018 and conclude on 3rd March, 2018 (six weeks duration).

Step Two: A bootcampfor 300 participantsis proposed to be organized at IIM Nagpur (one of the satellite centers for the programme) from 2nd to 12th April, 2018. The philosophy of ‘Lean Startup Method’ would be the driving force behind developing the idea of a minimum viable product.

Step Three: Final bootcamp is proposed to be organized at NSRCEL - IIM Bangalore from 30th April, 2018 to 10th May, 2018 for 100 shortlisted ideas. On the final day, participants would pitch their idea to the committee from NSRCEL – IIM Bangalore.

Step Four: Based on their location, the top 100 selected women entrepreneurswill be offered mentoring and incubation facility for 12months at NSRCEL – IIM Bangalore or one of partner centers.

For more information and registration interested candidates may kindly refer to: or may reach out to Mr. Shivaji S Dhawad, Incubation Manager – Women Startup Pogramme on email: | mobile: +91-7767014304 at IIM Nagpur.


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