Gunjan Tomer
Gunjan Tomer
QualificationFPM in Information Systems IIM-Indore, B.Tech (IT) from UPTU Lucknow
AreaDecision Sciences & Information Systems
Academic AffiliationFull Time Faculty

GunjanTomer is a faculty for Information Systems at IIM Nagpur. She holds a doctoral degree in Information Systems area from IIM Indore. She was previously engaged with IIM Raipur as Assistant Professor, prior to which she was with Institute of Financial Management and Research, Chennai, as Assistant Professor. She has completed FPM in Information Systems from IIM-Indore and B.Tech (IT) from UPTU, Lucknow. She has published in reputed journals in her area. She has also published management cases in prestigious outlet such as Ivey publishing. Her papers have been selected in top international conferences such as AOM (Academy of Management), ECIS (European Conference on Information Systems), PACIS (Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems), ISD (Conference on Information Systems Development), EGOS (European Group of Organizational Studies) and IHRM (International Human Resource Management). She is also a “Dale Carnegie” certified professional educator.

Research Interest : Impact of IT on Individuals and Organizations and Research Methodology.

Teaching Interest : Management Information Systems, Strategies for Web based business, Enterprise System, etc.

Cases :

  1. Amtek Auto Ltd: From acquisitions to a financial crisis, Ivey Publishing, Canada
  2. NTPC-SAIL Power Company Limited (NSPCL): Born or Bound to Succeed? Asian Journal ofManagement Cases (Forthcoming)


Journal Articles :

  1. Tomer G., Mishra S.K., (2016),  Professional identity construction among software engineering students: a study in India, Information Technology and People, Vol 29 (1) (A category)
  2. Tomer G., Chauhan, G.S., Panigrahi, P., Feasibility of m-Governance in agriculture: Insights from amultimodal study in Rural India, Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy, Vol. 10(3)(B category)
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  6. Tomer G., Mishra S.K., (2018), “Expectation from Technology and Career Satisfaction: A study amongIT Professionals in India”, Australasian Journal of Information System, R&R (In an advance stage,revision submitted.) (A category)

Book Chapter :

  1. Tomer, G., (2016) “Evolution of Work Culture: Evidences from IT industry in India” in Indian Cultureand Work Organizations in Transition, Ashish Malik and Vijay Pereira (Eds), Routledge, London.


  1. Tomer, G. and Mishra, S.K., (2015), Exploring Person technology fit and its impact on workoutcomes among IT professionals, 75th Academy of Management meeting held at VancouverCanada.
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Manuscript under preparation :

  1. Impact and implications of individual orientation towards a technology: A fit study among ITprofessionals to be submitted to MIS Quarterly (Initial version of this paper was submitted andaccepted in AOM, 2015 and ECIS, 2015)
  2. “Person technology fit: The role of individual perception of technology in determining workoutcomes among IT professionals”, to be submitted to European journal of Information system(Initial version of this paper was submitted and accepted in PACIS, 2014, ISD 2013)
  3. “Identity formation among software engineering students in India: A longitudinal approach”, (Initialversion of this paper was submitted and accepted in EGOS, 2013), to be submitted to InformationSystems Journal
  4. “Towards reforms in doctoral education in India: Context of increasing quantity and quality ofmanagement research” (A part of the paper was presented in PAN IIM World ManagementConference held at Goa, India), to be submitted to Studies in Higher Education

Book Review :

Tomer, G. (2013), Review of Book “Tata LOG: Eight modern stories from a timeless institution”, byHarish Bhat, Indore Management Journal, Volume 4(2), pp. 79-80