Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next academic session of IIM Nagpur starting?

IIM Nagpur will start its academic session for the fourth incoming batch in the last week of June 2018.

What is the admission process for PGP?

Details of the admission process for PGP are given on the website at www.iimnagpur.ac.in/admission-procedure.php

Why is IIM Nagpur asking applied candidates to confirm their interest for admission to PGP?

It has been seen that many candidates tend to mark a large number of institutes in the CAT application, to minimize their risk in the initial stages of IIM admission process. Some of these institutes no longer remain as choices as the admission process proceeds.

Given the relatively short time in which the admission process of IIMN happens, the institute would like the interested candidates to reconfirm their interest .

If I confirm my interest in IIM Nagpur, does it affect my position in other IIMs?

No. The admission offers in each IIM are independent of others and therefore accepting or rejecting an offer from any other IIM will not affect your chances in IIM Nagpur, or vice versa.

I got an interview call from other IIM(s) but did not attend. Will I still be considered for admission at IIM Nagpur?

Yes, but only if you have reconfirmed your continued interest in response to the email sent to you. This email would be sent only to those who meet the shortlisting cut-offs given on the website.

What are the fees for PGP at IIM Nagpur?

The PGP fees for IIM Nagpur will be Rs. 11.50 lakhs for two years for the 2018-20 batch. This amount is exclusive of other charges like caution deposit, mess deposit, etc. Exact amount and details of breakup will be given in the admission offer. Leading banks routinely offer educational loans at concessional terms as per Govt. of India guidelines for all IIMs including IIM Nagpur.

How long will IIMA mentor IIM Nagpur?

IIMA will mentor all activities at IIM Nagpur till it moves to its permanent campus, or IIM Nagpur is able to handle these activities entirely on its own, whichever is earlier.

Who teaches at IIM Nagpur?

Students at IIM Nagpur are taught by its own permanent faculty, faculty from IIMA, IIMB and few visiting faculty who meet our ex acting standards. You should, therefore, expect to see some of the best faculty members in the country teaching at IIMN.

IIM Nagpur is a new institute. How far will it be accepted by the industry?

The industry is showing increasing acceptance of IIMN graduates. There are multiple ways in which IIMN helps its students connect to industry and other stakeholders through live projects, field immersions, internships and project courses. IIMN has strong field immersion modules during the first year itself. This allows students to explore many ground realities and problems through first-hand experiences, and connect them to concepts and cases that they study in class. We have also placed our students for summer intership and projects in prestigous organisations spanning across various sector.

How much do I have to pay while confirming my admission?

Details of exact amount and mode of payment will be sent with the offer of admission.The amount is normally around Rs. 50,000. This amount will be adjusted against payment of tuition fees in the future. If the person does not actually join the institute, an amount recommended by GOI guidelines will be retained and the rest, refunded.

What kind of accommodation will I get in IIM Nagpur?

All students are provided accommodation in the hostel as it is a residential programme. The students will be accomodated in well furnished single room hostels.

What kind of IT facilities will I get in IIM Nagpur?

You will be in state-of-the-art, fully WiFi premises with seamless access to industry and knowledge databases, email and internet. The library has access to resources including EBSCO Business Source, Proquest Ebook central, ACE knowledge Portal, ACE Equity & MF2, Gartner, Prowessdx, ProwessIQ and is in the process of acquiring database like Indiastat.