Gender Issues Committee

Gender Issues Committee

In pursuance of Govt. of India's directives and as per Supreme Court Guidelines, IIM Nagpur has constituted the Gender Issues Committee (GlC). GIC's role is to not only be an lnternal Complaints Committee that is required as per the Supreme Court Guidelines, but also to focus additionally on creating awareness, counselling and educating about gender issues.

The Committee has the following objectives:

  1. Prevention, prohibition and complaint redressal of sexual harassment of women at workplace.
  2. Dealing with cases of sexual harassment at workplace in a time bound manner with required consultation and support to the complainant/victim.
  3. Promoting gender amity among llM Nagpur staff/employees and students.
  4. Making recommendations to make norms and rules gender just.
  5. Fostering a gender sensitive culture at llM Nagpur by organizing social and awareness programmes / workshops and seminars.

The composition of the GIC is as below:

1. Prof.VarshaKhandker Chairperson
2. Ms.AartiPophali Convenor
3. Ms.PallaviPadole External Member
4. Prof.Deeparghya Mukherjee Member
5. ShivajiDhawad Member
6. Ms. SrishtyChakravarty PGP2 Student Representative
7. Mr. Gaurav Agrawal PGP1 Student Representative

The GIC can be approached on or 0712-7102370 /2358.