Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP)

The Post Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management at IIM Nagpur, leading to a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (equivalent to MBA) is a two year, full time, residential programme. It aims to create leaders, managers and entrepreneurs with strong conceptual foundations and analytical rigour rooted in a sound understanding of the socio-economic context, regardless of the sector they work in, be it business, not-for-profit, government-related or social change

Two years of the programme are divided into six terms with a summer internship in-between the two years.

Courses of Study 2016-2017

Term I

Sr No. Course Title
1 Analysis of Data
2 Financial Reporting & Analysis
3 Firms and Markets
4 Understanding Behaviour
5 Managerial Computing
6 Marketing Management-I
7 Operations Management-I
8 Organizations
9 Research Tools
10 Communication

Term II

Sr No. Course Title
1 Corporate Finance-I
2 Costing & Control Systems
3 Financial Markets
4 Decision Making
5 Information Systems for Management
6 Introduction to Simulation
7 Macroeconomics + Indian Economy
8 Marketing Management-II
9 Pricing
10 Spoken Business Communication
11 Workshop on Understanding Organizations-I
12 Written Analysis & Communication II

Term III

Sr No. Course Title
1 Corporate Finance-II
2 Economic Boundaries of the Firm
3 Personal and Corporate Ethics
4 Legal Aspects of Business
5 Marketing Management-III
6 New Age Organizations
7 Operations Management-II
8 Organizational HR Systems
9 Strategy
10 Written Analysis & Communication III
11 Workshop on Understanding Organizations-II

Term IV

Sr No. Course Title
1 Business & Society
2 Business to Business Marketing
3 Business and Intellectual Property
4 Communicating Corporate Reputation
5 Economics of Strategy
6 Elephants & Cheetahs: Systems, Strategy and Bottlenecks
7 Fixed Income Securities-Rates
8 Futures, Options and Risk Management
9 Game Theory and Applications
10 Infrastructure Development & Financing
11 Labour Markets in Developing Countries
12 Leadership: Vision, Meaning and Reality
13 Market Research and Information Systems
14 Modern Investment & Portfolio Management
15 Monetary Theory and Policy
16 Philosophical Foundatiuon of Management
17 Pricing & Hedging Derivative Securities
18 Pricing
19 Qualitative Research Methods for Understanding Business and Human Development in a Network Society
20 Strategic Management of Intellectual Property Rights
21 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
22 Strategies for Internet Economy
23 The Creative Self at Work
24 Contemporary Indian Workplaces: Decent work and Diversity
25 Why Projects Fail? Uncertainty, Complexity and Risk in Projects

Term V

Sr No. Course Title
1 Brand Management
2 Digital Marketing
3 Doing Business in India
4 eBusiness
5 ERP Systems: Technology, Planning and Implementation
6 Financial Modeling
7 Financial Risk Management
8 Financial Statement Analysis
9 Logistics Management
10 Marketing Applications of Behavioural Science
11 Sourcing Management
12 Sports Marketing
13 Statistical Methods for Data Analysis (SMDA)
14 Strategic Marketing
15 Valuation of Firms

Term VI

Sr No. Course Title
1 Marketing Analytics
2 Integrated Marketing Communication
3 Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring
4 Cross Border M&A and Integration
5 Revenue Management & Dynamic Pricing
6 Managing Across Cultures
7 Contemporary Film Industry
8 Global Strategy for Managers
9 Healthcare Management
10 Neuroscience and Consumer Behavior
11 Managing Firms in Service Sector
12 Mathematical Models for Managerial Decisions
13 Contract Management
14 Business Taxation
15 Strategic HRM and Compensation Management
16 Management & Entrepreneurship for the Development Sector
17 Crafting identities of new entrepreneurial ventures