Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP)

The Post Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management at IIM Nagpur, leading to a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (equivalent to MBA) is a two year, full time, residential programme. It aims to create leaders, managers and entrepreneurs with strong conceptual foundations and analytical rigour rooted in a sound understanding of the socio-economic context, regardless of the sector they work in, be it business, not-for-profit, government-related or social change

Two years of the programme are divided into six terms with a summer internship in-between the two years.

Courses of Study 2017-2018

Term I

Sr No. Course Title
1 Analysis of Data
2 Financial Reporting & Analysis
3 Firms and Markets
4 Understanding Behaviour
5 Managerial Computing
6 Marketing Management-I
7 Operations Management-I
8 Organizations
9 Research Tools
10 Basics of Communication
11 Written Analysis & Communication I
12 Workshop on Understanding Organizations - I

Term II

Sr No. Course Title
1 Corporate Finance-I
2 Costing & Control Systems
3 Financial Markets
4 Decision Making
5 Information Systems for Management
6 Introduction to Simulation
7 Macroeconomics + Indian Economy
8 Marketing Management-II
9 Pricing
10 Spoken Business Communication
11 Workshop on Understanding Organizations-I
12 Written Analysis & Communication II

Term III

Sr No. Course Title
1 Corporate Finance-II
2 Economic Boundaries of the Firm
3 Personal and Corporate Ethics
4 Legal Aspects of Business
5 Marketing Management-III
6 New Age Organizations
7 Operations Management-II
8 Organizational HR Systems
9 Strategy
10 Written Analysis & Communication III
11 Spoken Business Communication - II

Term IV

Sr No. Course Title
1 Advanced Marketing Research
2 Sales & Distribution Management
3 Business Taxation
4 Market Oriented Strategic Planning
5 Investments
6 ERP Systems: Technology, Planning and Implementation (ERPS)
7 Financial Modelling
8 Futures, Options and Risk Management
9 Behavioral Economics and Managerial Decision Making
10 Operations Strategy
11 Advanced Pricing
12 Business Data Mining & Decision Models

Term V

Sr No. Course Title
1 Marketing Applications of Behavioural Science (MABS)
2 Brand Management (BM)
3 Sourcing Management (Smgt)
4 Management & Entrepreneurship for the Development Sector (MDT)
5 Valuation of Firms (VOF)
6 Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring (MACR)
7 Strategic Marketing
8 Text Mining and Social Media Analytics
9 Project Management
10 B2B Marketing
11 Advanced Analytics
12 Services Marketing
13 Risk Management
14 Pricing & Hedging Derivative Securities
15 Conflict management and Negotiation skills
16 Connecting Analytics to Business Acumen

Term VI

Sr No. Course Title
1 Integrated Marketing Communication
2 Rural Marketing
3 Digital Marketing and e-Commerce
4 Project Appraisal and Financing
5 Management Control Systems
6 French Language Course
7 Managing Firms in Service Sector
8 Mathematical Models for Maganerial Decisions
9 Cross Border M&A and Integration
10 Neuroscience and Consumer Behavior
11 Investment Banking
12 Holistic Strategy Implementation through Balanced Scorecard
13 Game Theory for Managers
14 Financial Statement Analysis
15 Supply chain management