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In the true spirit of giving, let's celebrate 'Joy of Giving week' from Oct 2

Ummeed club is organizing 'JOY OF GIVING WEEK' from Oct2-Oct 4,2018.

"It's not about how much we give, but how much love we put in giving" - Mother Teresa

Generosity is nothing but Giving. In today's world, taking some time out from your busy schedule and indulging in an act of kindness is all it takes to put a smile on someone's face. Whether it be spending quality time with your loved ones or sharing food with the less fortunate, no act is too small or big to spread love and compassion among people.

So, In the True spirit of Giving, Ummeed is organizing "Joy of Giving" week from October 2 to 4, 2018.

Activities lined up: -

  • 2nd Oct - Flash-mob and drama @ Nagpur Central mall
  • 3rd Oct - Donation Drive
  • 4th Oct - Visit to Bal Sadan(NGO)
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