Quotation Enquiry No. Description Commissioning Authority Uploaded on IIMN website / Issue of enquiry Pre-bid meeting Online Submission date Tender Document
IIMN/CAO/01/2017-18 dated 06.09.2017 Annual Contract for Security and allied services at IIM Nagpur CAO In charge  Sep 12, 2017 19.09.2017 at 3.00 PM 08.10.2017 up to 3.00 PM Bids shall be submitted online only at Part-I
All bidders who download the tender document are requested to send an email to for information so that if there is any change "in tender conditions" they can be intimated.
Bidders who do not send the email about downloading of the tender document may be treated as non-responsive bidders and their bid documents may not be accepted.
Bidders can send their queries to above mentioned email IDs. If any modifications are there, the revised tender document will be uploaded on the website. Bidders are requested to regularly refer website for modifications if any before filling up the tender