Student Clubs


Ummeed is an initiative by IIM Nagpur which aims at spreading awareness about various social causes, sensitizing the minds of today’s youth and developing a sense of social responsibility among them. It envisions to help and to empower the underprivileged and differently-abled through its unique and compassionate approach to social issues.To this end the club organizes events such as Blood Donation Drive, Donation drive for slum dwellers, teaching differently abled kids, plantation drive in the campus among others. All the events of the club have seen enthusiastic participation from the students.


The mission of Ecell is to support students interested in starting their startups, joining an early stage startup or learning more about startup environment, throughstartup events, resources, speaker series, career fairs, workshops, and community interactions. The entrepreneurial culture is becoming common in business or companies where employees are encouraged to brainstorm new ideas or products. By participating in different activities conducted by Ecell, students will get an opportunity to hone their entrepreneurial skills.

Finance club

FINesse, the finance club of IIM Nagpur

Is a platform to cultivate interest in Finance among students through guest lectures &workshops.We have so far organised curriculum specific quizzes which would test one on their concept knowledge, Finance & Money Olympiad, stock mind to have participants virtually feel how the stock trading happens (pan india competition in collaboration with icici securities), speaker sessions by iim A profs or industry experts on budgets, demonetization and the like to have their viewpoints. Our members also organize learning/doubt sessions for students to develop among students a better understanding of Finance and promote it as a viable career option.

Predixion - Analytics Club

Predixion is a student body managed by Analytics freaks, passionate about Analytics world.

The main idea behind establishing this club is to provide analytics knowledge and its applications in the real world to the future managers by involving students of IIM Nagpur. Following are the objectives undertaken by the Analytics Club:

  1. Organizing National level quizzes, puzzles, riddles and other Analytics competitions.
  2. competitions by providing real world data. This can help to understand the outside world issues and bridge the gap between the classroom and the corporate world.Case studies .
  3. A quarterly newsletter by analytics club explaining the events of club, articles.
  4. Information on the Career options and future opportunities in Analytics field.
  5. Organizing workshops to enhance the knowledge and understanding using real-time applications.
  6. Undertaking real-time industrial projects related to Analytics.
  7. Maintaining a platform on which students can display their Analytics related activities to gain visibility.
Media Connect Club

"The primary responsibility of the media connect club is to maintain relationship with all the stakeholders through all possible channels, internal or external. By facilitating the institute's online as well as print media presence, the club holds the responsibility of creating the brand IIMN in and out."

Toastmasters Club

Toastmasters @ IIM Nagpur, a member club of Toastmasters International, started with an enthusiastic participation of nearly forty students. The club has embarked on its journey of exchanging ideas and empowering individuals to become more effective communicators. The tracks offered as part of the club activities gives an opportunity to the students to further hone their leadership and communication skills. This platform offered to the students has helped them articulate their thoughts by giving regular speeches, listening to varied experiences and sharing constructive peer-to-peer feedback.

Marketing Club

MARX, the marketing club of IIM Nagpur, through club activities seeks to achieve two objectives - One, to be a resource for students looking to pursue a career in Marketing by building a repository of case studies, books, research papers; connecting marketing concepts to real world applications through events like 'Ad Wise', 'Marque Brand Challenge', workshops like 'Marketing through Storytelling' that helped students build their personal brand; Two - to contribute to IIM Nagpur brand by increasing visibility, so IIM N is an institute of choice for recruiters and MBA aspirants, through National events like 'Brandit 16' that saw participation of over 25 top B-Schools in India & over a 700% increase in the club's social media pages, facilitate participation in global events like 'Google Online Marketing Challenge' that saw participation of 42 students from IIM N, networking with corporates for live projects.

Sports Club

We make sure that nobody leads a gloomy life, here, at IIM-N by organizing numerous events and micro tournaments throughout the year. We strive to improve the quality of life for students through fun, fitness and connection with the community. This year, we have also taken the initiative of conducting corporate sports events to improve the rapport with the institute. The institute is well equipped with badminton, tennis, cricket, basketball and futsal grounds with volleyball court and a gym en route.

OPEX - Operations Club of IIM Nagpur

OPEX, the operations club at IIM Nagpur strives to foster interest in Operations Research and Supply Chain Management. It was established in the year 2015 by the inaugural batch of IIM Nagpur under the mentorship of Professor Chetan Soman (Faculty of Operations Management at IIM Ahmedabad). Since its inception, the club has organized events like Op-Timize, Op-Sense and OPERA etc., through which the club intends to engage students and align their interests towards Operations Management and SCM.

Abhyudaya – The Cultural Club

"The beauty of this world lies in the diversity of its people" and culture forms the basis to explain this diversity. Abhyudaya, the Cultural Club at IIM Nagpur established in the year 2015 by the pioneer batch of IIM Nagpur, aims at bringing people from different cultures and interests together at one platform and helping them develop the long-lasting relationships and respect for every individual. The club has taken initiative in organizing the events like Fresher’s and Farewell parties, Talent Night, Birthday celebrations, festivals’ celebrations etc. and will continue to do so along with further addition of new activities year on year.

Cultural activities give a whole new platform to the participants to enhance their interpersonal skills, improve on their confidence, become a good team player, hone their time management and organizational skills, enhance self-awareness and self-discipline, think beyond boundaries and develop new and innovative ideas resulting in the making of leaders for tomorrow. The club aims to bring people of different cultures to participate and/or perform in unison, develop mutual respect and live in harmony.